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Our core

From toolmaking and complex forming to the construction of entire assemblies – Kauth Group can deliver it all from a single source. Our exceptional vertical range of manufacture forms the basis for completing even the most difficult tasks quickly and simply. Combining extensive experience and a state-of-the-art machine park, we consistently deliver optimum results you can rely on.


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We also utilise cutting edge servo technology for our stamping operations. In progressive and transfer stamping we negotiate press forces of between 250 and 2,500 tons.

Deep drawing

In combination with cold extrusion, deep drawing creates particularly high-strength components. Use of these components is consequently preferable where a high level of safety is important. Additional thickening of the material in all the right places is also possible.

Metal forming

Kauth Group has longstanding experience in the development of tooling. As a result, using multi-stage tooling we are able to model extremely complex bending processes and adapt components to perfectly meet customer requirements.


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Tube drawing

Thanks to its expertise in tube drawing Kauth Group is a technology leader in this field and consequently able to manufacture even extremely complex tubes. Kauth Group can combine both solid tubes and high tubes (90 mm). Material thickening also plays a major role especially in the case of solid tubes. Kauth Group can engineer threads both during the stamping process and on external machines. Moreover, the tubes are also easily repaired using Time-sert and Helicoil.

In all three processes – deep drawing, metal forming and tube drawing – the material is processed cold. Ultimately, only this approach can deliver the high degree of strength that Kauth Group endeavours to achieve.


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Joining and assembly technology

In the area of assembly technology, we utilise automation and state-of-the-art robot technology to a great extent. Our universal welding facility masters practically every technique and is also ideal for manufacturing prototypes. Process control is implemented in part directly within the machine and is video monitored.

Overview of our technologies

  • MAG welding
  • Spot welding
  • Projection welding
  • Rivet welding
  • Tox processing
  • Clinching

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Tooling technology

Kauth Group has comprehensive and longstanding experience in tool manufacturing. This experience enables us to develop the ideal tooling for both prototypes and series products – quickly, simply and with expertise.

  • Machinery list Denkingen
  • Machinery list Finnentrop

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We can manufacture prototypes for our customers within extremely short periods. Our prototypes are characterised by their close-to-production quality, which is a major benefit, for example, in crash tests and other test applications. If things need to move really quickly, we also provide rapid prototyping; whereby we create a realistic model overnight based on your CAD data.

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